Ameriflex reorganizes executive team to support sister company Accresa, drive innovation in benefits payment technology

by Accresa Team / January 4, 2018

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DALLAS, Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ameriflex today announced changes to the company's executive team to support sister company Accresa and explore opportunities for further growth and innovation in consumer-driven benefits and related fields. Ameriflex is an award-winning independent administrator of consumer-driven health plans. 

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What is Direct Primary Care?

by Anne Richter | President, Accresa / November 2, 2017

Welcome! I’m pleased to formally re-introduce you to Accresa: our rapidly-growing solution for employers seeking an easier way to design, implement, and manage a direct primary care (DPC) benefit for their employees.

Direct primary care is an innovative healthcare payment model that strives to improve access to quality care by fostering stronger relationships between patients and their primary care physicians, and eliminating the misalignment of incentives created by the traditional fee-for-service construct. The idea is that by cutting out the expense and inefficiency associated with paying for primary care services through an insurance company, physicians will be able to spend more time focused on keeping their patients well, and patients will be able to obtain dedicated access to exceptional care from a doctor they know and trust.

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